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New to polydactyl kitties..? Heres some background info

   Poly comes from the Greek word "polys" which means many or more than one. Dactyl also comes from a Greek word "daktylos" or finger.  These cats have also been called "Hemingway cats", "mitten cats" and even "cats with thumbs", these cats have been around since Colonial times when they are supposed to have arrived on the North American continent on merchant sailing ships. 

    Interesting huh? Well I thought so too! Hello, my name is Brittany and I live in Fairmont, WV. I first found out about these beautiful unique kitties when I was taking one of my first Biology classes at the University. After learning about their behavior and their background I became hooked and I'm sure you will also. This is why I bring my cats to you! Enjoy



Hey everyone! I have been receiving a ton of emails and I figured it would be easier to put the updates on the web.  I regret to inform everyone that my cat Digit, is not pregnant.  She had a false pregnancy and her Tom has moved away.  I do plan on breeding her in the future so if anyone would like a poly cat please email me.  At the moment I have other toms that I can breed her with BUT I wanted everyone to know that they weren't going to be siamese/poly kittens.  Email me if anyone is still interested and would like a poly!


Dr Susan Long is a senior lecturer in reproduction at Bristol Vet School and is director of the course in genetics. After conducting research into polydactyly, she is able to explain how it is passed on through the generations. "The simplest assumption, in the absence of other evidence, is that the mutation originally occurred in one cat and was passed down through its offspring. "Polydactyly is caused by an autosomal dominant gene. Through research we know that if one parent carries one copy of the gene and the other parent has none, the inherited genes are heterozygous and half the kittens will be born with polydactyly. If one parent has two copies of the gene (passed down by one copy from each grandparent) the genes are homozygous and all the kittens will be born with polydactyly. "It's actually a very interesting gene," enthuses Dr Long. "Because there are various manifestations in the way the toes are formed, how many and on which feet, this suggests it's a main simple gene with variable expression." 

 I also have studied this genetic mutation and I am quite knowledgable when it comes to this so if you have any questions or you just don't understand it I would be happy to help you, I just posted a website that explains the genetic part so go visit it!!

Still want to learn more about these cats? I figured you would. Just when you thought there was nothing else to know about these cats, just wait! Here's the website that will make you an EXPERT. Don't believe me? Read it! You'll be amazed what these little kitties can do!


Please tell me what you think about this site, if you would like to be on the waiting list, or to show me your website!

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